Community Impact

Aside from it’s involvement and accolades with the restoration of The Howden Building through Spice Monkey Restaurant and The Howden Market, Spice Monkey was known for it’s on-going involvement with the local Oakland community. Below are the yearly traditions that Spice Monkey Restaurant engaged in every year.

Spice Monkey Restaurant’s Yearly Traditions

Day of Giving

Every year on Thanksgiving Day, Spice Monkey served a free Thanksgiving traditional dinner with a Spice Monkey culinary twist as a way to raise canned food donations and awareness of the Alameda County Community Food Bank and its 240 member agency partners.

Spice Monkey hosted this celebration as a “thank you” to people who donate 15 or more cans each, which has resulted in more than 4,500 lbs of donated canned food to those in need throughout the past years of the event.

Spice Monkey employees and volunteers donated their time at the ‘Day of Giving’ event on Thanksgiving day.

Families, singles and couples from all over the bay area participated in this joyous community building event.

Annual Children’s Fairyland Gala

Every June Spice Monkey participated in the Children’s Fairyland annual after-hours Gala costume party for adults which featured twinkling lights, a silent auction, food and beverages, and special performances.

During this unique event partygoers dressed in fairy tale or storybook attire for the evening.

The Gala is Fairyland’s most important fundraising event of the year. Traditionally, proceeds form the event have helped keep admission fees affordable and have underwritten the visits of thousand of low-income kids each year.

Oakland Restaurant Week

Oakland Restaurant Week is a city wide celebration of dining and the culinary arts which coordinated by Visit Oakland, held every year for 10 days during the month of January. From the fanatic foodie to the casual connoisseur, Restaurant Week offers diners the perfect opportunity (and excuse!) to get a taste of the eats at Oakland’s top restaurants.