Spice Monkey's Restaurant menus contains seasonal choices with high-quality ingredients. Selections offer something for all:  meat eaters, vegetarians, gluten-free & vegans alike!

    • Seasonal Bites

    • Quinoa Salad {$9}

      Cilantro, avocado, red & yellow quinoa, lemon vinaigrette. Add Mary's grilled chicken {$3.75}

    • Hamshuka {$14}

      Spiced ground lamb, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, egg, yogurt, baguette

    • The Rooted Curry {$10}

      Carrots, parsnips, spice house-made coconut curry, fried parsley

    • Soup & Salad {$10}

      Daily chef special served with toasted baguette and side salad. Please ask your server.

    • Amazing Asian Tacos {$10}

      Your choice of braised pork belly or tofu, galangal zesty slaw, bao bun

    • Na’cho Plantains {$10}

      Savory plantain cakes, whole black beans, bean puree, Mexican crema and feta cheese

    • Spice Monkey Potato Wedges {$6.5|$8}

      Hand-cut red potato wedges, fried with 12-herb seasoning. Served with monkey aioli

    • Monkey Fingers {$7.75}

      Cornmeal crusted chicken fingers, monkey aioli

    • Seasonal Entrees

    • Lemon Pepper Steak {$24}

      Flat iron steak, fingerling potatoes, veggies, pork au jus

    • Aztec Chicken {$22}

      Spanish inspired spice-rubbed Mary's chicken, smoky molé sauce, ginger green pistou. Add rice {$4}

    • The Best Turkey Burger Ever {$13, Lunch Only}

      Blended with turmeric, Granny Smith apple, celery, served with rosemary aioli. Add monkey potatoes or side salad $3.75

    • Southeast Asian Paella {$29|Tofu Style $18}

      Mixed seafood, lemongrass, kaffir-lime, turmeric, coconut cream sauce, Mendocino brown rice, seasonal veggies. Also may be ordered vegan with tofu

    • The Fresh Catch {Market Price}

      Grilled fresh fish of the day served with sautéed seasonal vegetables. Ask your server

    • The O.G. Burger {$13}

      ½ lb house-ground chuck. Add Apple wood smoked bacon, Blue cheese, Camembert cheese and Cheddar cheese, roasted poblano pepper and caramelized onions {$2 each}. Add Monkey Potatoes or Side Salad {$3.75}

    • The Ba-a-a-ah Burger {$15}

      House-ground lamb shoulder blended with fresh mint, anise, green onion, herbs,
      served w/ rosemary aioli. Add your choice of spring mix salad or monkey potato wedges for $3.50

    • Island Faux {$15}

      Lemongrass, kaffir-lime, galangal, house-made coconut curry broth, glass noodles, tofu, wood-ear mushrooms, zesty slaw, sprouts, cilantro.

    • New Delhi Tandoori Chicken Wrap {$13, Lunch only}

      Spice Monkey’s tandoori spice blend, 24hour marinated chicken, rice, fattoush salad, natural yogurt, cucumber, mint, coriander chutney in a tortilla wrap. Add monkey potatoes or side salad for $3.75

    • Seasonal Salads

    • Warm Winter Salad {$13}

      Brussel sprouts, chopped bacon, Granny Smith apple, blue cheese, lime vinaigrette

    • Fresh Catch Salad {$18, Lunch only}

      Grilled fresh fish of the day served over a bed of greens

    • Grandma's Cambodian Steak Salad {$17}

      All natural, locally sourced beef, mixed greens, crispy rice vermicelli,
      black pepper, garlic-lime vinaigrette

    • Jack Kerouac’s Beet Salad {$9}

      Beets, greens, tomatoes, feta cheese, orange-lime balsamic vinaigrette. Add Mary's grilled chicken for $3.75

    • Dessert

    • Bread Pudding {$7.50}

      Seasonal fruit, bread custard, fruit sauce, Humboldt Creamery vanilla bean ice cream

    • Filipino Coconut Flan {$6.50}

      Milk, coconut milk, caramel sauce. Served cold.

    • Chocolate Pot de Cream {$7.50}

      Cocoa, chili, cinnamon, cardamom and whipped cream. Served cold.