Spice Monkey’s Restaurant & Catering Menus

Spice Monkey's Restaurant menus contains seasonal choices with high-quality ingredients. Selections offer something for all:  meat eaters, vegetarians, gluten-free & vegans alike!

Our Culinary Vision at Spice Monkey is to be a fun and friendly place where we serve ethnically interesting, fresh seasonal dishes made from scratch with high-quality ingredients. The menu is mix of the exotic and world comfort foods incorporating spices and culinary traditions from around the world.  This page presents a sampling of customer favorites.   You are welcome to call us with questions regarding dietary preferences and limitation.  510-268-0170.  Ask for Kanitha.  We love serving our diverse community of customers! 

For our complete current menus, please download the PDFs below or visit our restaurant.

The Catering Menus of Spice Monkey.  We cater both in our in-house private dining venue, the LOFT and at public and private venues around the Bay.   All the menu items that are available in the restaurant are also available in our catering menu packages.

Wedding and Wedding Rehearsal Catering is a specialty.  We particularly enjoy the challenge of creating exciting multi-ethnic menus for the culinary pleasure of brides and grooms, their families and guests

    • Seasonal Bites

    • Gomae Cakes {$7}

      Rolled, steamed spinach, tahini sauce, sesame seeds, bonito flakes, spicy monkey hot sauce

    • Amazing Asian Tacos {$10}

      Your choice of braised pork belly or tofu, galangal zesty slaw, bao bun

    • Mac N' Cheese {$8}

      Baked elbow macaroni, 5-cheese blend, and Panko bread crumbs. Add Bacon for $1.75 and add Mary's Grilled Chicken for $3.75

    • Seasonal Ragout {$8}

      Sonoma County grown organic veggies harvested at “Let’s Go Farm” direct to your table. Served in a white wine sauce.

    • Wasabi-Potato Puffs {$7}

      Fried, zesty potato puffs with a sweet Tamari glaze
      Comes with three, add a puff for $1.75 each

    • Spicy Chicken Wings {$8.50}

      Lemon thyme vinegar, adobo chipotle, Chinese Szechuan sauce over carrots and celery with Bleu cheese dip

    • Monkey Fingers {$7.75}

      Cornmeal crusted chicken fingers, monkey aioli

    • Fried Calamari {$11}

      Lightly battered, served with lemon tartar sauce

    • Spice Monkey Potato Wedges {$6.5|$8}

      Hand-cut red potato wedges, fried with 12-herb seasoning. Served with monkey aioli

    • Na’cho Plantains {$10}

      Savory plantain cakes, whole black beans, bean puree, Mexican crema and feta cheese

    • Seasonal Salads

    • Wedge Salad {$8}

      Exotic, organic Magenta and Nevada lettuce, blue cheese dressing, blue cheese crumble, rainbow radish, tarragon. Add a fried egg for $2 and Mary's Grilled Chicken for $3.75

    • Uptown Smoked Salmon Nicoise {$15}

      Smoked Salmon, rainbow radish, boiled egg,
      boiled potatoes, lettuce, olives,
      lime balsamic vinaigrette

    • Grandma's Cambodian Steak Salad {$17}

      All natural, locally sourced beef, mixed greens, crispy rice vermicelli,
      black pepper, garlic-lime vinaigrette

    • Bangkok Noodles {$14|Tofu Style $13}

      Sautéed minced chicken or tofu, mung bean noodles, greens, lemongrass, chili-tamarind sauce

    • Fish Salad {$18, Lunch only}

      Grilled fresh fish of the day served over a bed of greens

    • Jack Kerouac’s Roasted Beet Salad


      Beets, greens, tomatoes, feta cheese, orange-lime balsamic vinaigrette. Add Mary's grilled chicken for $3.75

    • Seasonal Entrees

    • The O.G. Burger {$13}

      ½ lb house-ground chuck. Add Apple wood smoked bacon, Blue cheese, Camembert cheese and Cheddar cheese for $1.75 each. Add roasted poblano pepper and caramelized onions for $1.25 each

    • Chamomile Fried Chicken {$22}

      Marinated & ‘breaded’ GF Mary’s chicken breast, chamomile tea, fried
      wasabi mash potatoes balls, seasonal veggies, sweet tamari glaze

    • The Fresh Catch {Market Price}

      Grilled fresh fish of the day served with sautéed seasonal vegetables. Ask your server

    • Something Like Sisig {18}

      Philippine-inspired strips of slow-braised pork shoulder, egg sunny side up,
      garlic-fried rice, pickled veggies

    • Island Faux {$15}

      Lemongrass, kaffir-lime, galangal, house-made coconut curry broth, glass noodles, tofu, wood-ear mushrooms, zesty slaw, sprouts, cilantro

    • New Delhi Tandoori Chicken Wrap {$12, Lunch only}

      Spice Monkey’s tandoori spice blend, 24hour marinated chicken, rice, fattoush salad natural yogurt, cucumber, mint, coriander chutney in a tortilla wrap. Add monkey potato wedges or side salad for $3.50

    • Southeast Asian Paella {$29|Tofu Style $18}

      Mixed seafood, lemongrass, kaffir-lime, turmeric, coconut cream sauce, Mendocino brown rice, seasonal veggies. Also may be ordered vegan with tofu

    • The Ba-a-a-ah Burger {$15}

      House-ground lamb shoulder blended with fresh mint, anise, green onion, herbs,
      served w/ rosemary aioli. Add your choice of spring mix salad or monkey potato wedges for $3.50

    • Island Faux {$15}


      Lemongrass, kaffir-lime, galangal, house-made coconut curry broth, glass noodles, tofu, wood-ear mushrooms, zesty slaw, sprouts, cilantro.

    • Dessert

    • Fresh Fruit Tart {$7}

      Seasonal fruit, puff pastry baked fresh per order served with Humboldt Creamery vanilla bean ice cream

    • Bacon & Ice Cream {$6.50}

      Maple soaked Garam-Masala bacon and ice cream

    • Chocolate Pot de Cream {$7.50}

      Cocoa, chili, cinnamon, cardamom and whipped cream. Served cold.

    • Filipino Coconut Flan {$6.50}

      Milk, coconut milk, caramel sauce. Served cold.

    • Bread Pudding {$7.50}

      Seasonal fruit, bread custard, fruit sauce, Humboldt Creamery vanilla bean ice cream