Our Family

Kanitha MatouryKanitha Matoury, a native of Cambodia, opened Spice Monkey in 2008 to do what makes her feel best – cooking for the people she loves. The menu, like Kanitha’s life story, is eclectic and flavorful. Being invited into the homes of people from around the world, she has been blessed to experience a variety of family and cultural food traditions. She has taken these experiences and used them to create dishes which bring together spices, culinary traditions and ingredients form around the world. Her goal is to provide a warm, bustling location where people can come and eat good food and be part of a community that is friendly and as diverse as the city in which it is located, Oakland.

Kanitha’s passion for blending flavors from around the world has inspired her to create unique blends of spices, marinades and rubs, which has become one of the unique qualities of the food at Spice Monkey. The herbs used for these creations are, whenever possible, grown by Kanitha herself or sourced from organic growers. Hand crafted spice-blends, loose leaf teas, dressings and hot sauce are packaged at the restaurant, allowing guests to take home part of the magic of Spice Monkey.

Spice Monkey’s food is always made with high-quality ingredients that are clean and fresh and nourish your body with the goodness of the earth. Kanitha’s philosophy is, “Why would I make food that I wouldn’t eat every day or that I wouldn’t feed my kids every day?”




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*Special thanks the photographers that have taken a number of the professional photos on our website: Melissa Images, Michael Gumora Photography, Cece Reinhardt + Brenda Daugherty, DJ Brigidope, Ted Sapphire and Deejay Kollar.